A free app to listen your favorite music. Whenever you want, in background and easily.

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We think that eSound is special.

Build your own library

Save your favorite songs. Create your
own playlists. Customize everything that is your.
We'll help you also by creating automatic playlists.

Search everything

Search over millions of songs. Find what you like
and enjoy it.

Free and clear

We are committed to keeping the app free and without any limitation that may annoy you

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Lovely recommendations

Every day we recommend songs that you can like according to your tastes. Enjoy your daily mixes and scroll on global charts or any state of the world.

In background

Enjoy your music everywhere. You can choose what songs you want and listen them in background.

A beautiful design

We worked hard to design a clean, easy to use and cute app.

Join our big magnificent community.

Users are faithful and we stay in touch with them. Through communities, users can get to know each other and talk directly with developers, report issues, give advice and improve the experience together. Contact us on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram Direct.

Some interesting statistics.

2M registered users

We are like a big family. A big community of people who love and share music.

11M saved Songs

Users can save songs and listen them whenever they want. We really love that thing.

2M created playlists

Just play it in the order you want. Skip whatever you want, create any playlist and enjoy it.

16M Researches carried out

Our users seems happy to find the music they love. Be with us!

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